Our Goals

Our Goals
Goal 1: The knowledge building of social sciences in particular Anthropology.
To work on innovation, dissemination and application of knowledge in the fields of Anthropology.
To work for making an inclusive society where everyone will be free from inequality, injustice and exploitation.
Goal 2: Participate in research and social work for society and development.
To carry out research and consultancy services in the fields of social welfare and community development, education, health and nutrition, gender issues, environment, ecological conservation and development, climate change, disaster management, poverty and ultra-poor, development of indigenous peoples, women empowerment, agriculture, livelihood, RMG sector, market research, PVE and any other sectors deemed according to the goals, and, academic research particularly in the fields of social sciences, business studies and development.

To provide services in terms of training, research and evaluation, consultancy on different aspects of rural and urban development.
AnthroBD visualizes a group that focuses on innovation, dissemination and application of Anthropological knowledge and participates in social research that fosters humanity, equality in every part of our society where men, women & children work together for the development of the country.
AnthroBD provides high-quality services towards physical and social media engagement for Anthropological knowledge building, conduct social research for ensuring social justice and other rights. In particular, humanity, equality and sustainable social development.

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