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AnthroBD, An Initiative for Research and Development that started on March 14, 2019, with a group of young enthusiastic anthropology faculties, development professionals and social workers of Bangladesh. In addition to research work, it works spreading anthropological understanding and its learnings to the mass people. 

AnthroBD is going to arrange a writing invitation event for the undergraduate and graduate Anthropology and Sociology students of Bangladesh. This event aims to increase the understanding of Anthropology and possibly to publish selected writings on AnthroBD’s website as an online Journal. 

Thematic area: 

  1. Anthropological terms and concepts
  2. Gender aspect in Bangladesh 
  3. Cultural globalization 
  4. Movies/drama/Ethnographic Film/Documentary Review
  5. Recent events and their explanation from an anthropological view
  6. Anthropology for Well-being
  7. Lecture transcribing of Anthropologists 
  8. Translations, Book Review
  9. Writing on Club News/Events/Seminar/Workshop News
  10. Anthropologist in Action: Social Activities of Anthropology related platform 


  • To disseminate Anthropological understanding through writing among students and mass people as a whole. 


  • Students will get opportunities to publish their writing in AnthroBD Journal
  • Participants will increase their writing abilities through this event
  • It will enhance participants’ interest in anthropological understanding
  • It will work as a multidisciplinary platform to spread the anthropological approach to deal with different issues


  • Writing will be a minimum of 500 words to a maximum of 1500 words without reference. 
  • Writing can be in the Bengali or English language.
  • Participants will send their writing MS Word (.docx) format to 
  • Writing should be the author’s own and unpublished work. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.
  • Manuscripts must be in 12-point Times New Roman Font, Color: Black, double-spaced, with one-inch margin on all sides. And For Bengali language, the manuscript must be in 13-point SutonnyMJ font. 
  • Please save the manuscript as a Word document (.doc file), with your last name as the document name.
  • The submission should include the manuscript and a cover sheet containing the author’s name, contact information, student status, and affiliation.
  • Reviews should not require footnotes. Avoid lengthy quotations and limit references to four-six. In-text references are cited in parentheses, with last name(s), year of publication, and where necessary, page numbers.
  • Manuscripts should follow the 17th edition of the APA Manual of Style. (AnthroBD will initiate a new form/style for its authors in the upcoming days).

Deadline: January 15, 2022


  • Participants in the writing event must be a student of Anthropology or Sociology from different universities of Bangladesh.
  • And they are highly encouraged to be a member of AnthroBD’s social media platforms-AnthroBD’s Facebook Page and group.


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